Yoga Teacher

Chloe Leggett

From the rural farm life in Australia to the sunny beaches in Thailand my yoga journey has now steered me to the coast of England.

It was in Australia where my yoga journey started, after a bout of depression,. Knowing first-hand the incredible impact this practice has on a persons life I am very passionate and committed to share this with my students.

I’m an experienced Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher previously working in Thailand, at a health and wellness retreat.

I find yoga grounds and centres me. I used to travel a lot and was never sure on what I was doing or where I was going so sometimes anxiety kicked in. This was and still is a way to ground me and put aside all my anxious thoughts and fears for a moment.

Practising yoga has had a positive effect on my body strength and tone giving me the ability to enjoy my passion for the garlic bread but remain healthy and strong!
I am a big believer in law of attraction. What you choose to give out to the universe is what the universe will give in return.

My aim for my students is to develop strength, flexibility and stability with a strong focus on breath. Through my teaching and passion to connect with people from all walks of life, yoga has given me the voice and opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. I made the decision to come back to the U.K to study Nursing in September, I also plan to study Ayurvedic and functional medicine seeking a more natural pathway to healthcare.

“As a kid, I always dreamed of joining the circus and travelling the world and so far life as a nomadic yogi is pretty damn close”

Karin Davidson


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