Classical Pilates Teacher

Nnenna Chidolue

I discovered Pilates after I sustained back injury from weightlifting. Having tried most treatments, I decided to try Pilates. It proved to be a good choice as not only did it help heal the injury, I was amazed at how much more balance I had in my body and movements.

The exercises strengthen and connect both the mind and body through controlled movement and breathing resulting in a healthier, stronger, more supple, functional body less prone to injury.

As a result of this I decided to apply for an apprenticeship at a Classical Pilates Studio run by a Vintage Pilates Graduate as the lineage was important to me. My great passion is to help people live a healthy, pain free life and and enjoy Pilates and its benefits to our bodies as well as our minds. I love teaching Pilates and love my clients to own their bodies and their practise.

This passion has led me to further my knowledge as I am currently enrolled with The Pilates Centre on the The Intermediate System Course.

When I am not teaching Pilates, I spend time with my family and live a very active life with Crossfit, British Weightlifting and Running as my main activities.

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