Sarah Elcome

Sarah qualified at CICM in Reading 2016 and is trained in an integrated style of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture. From her first year studying at CICM it was clear that Five Element theory resonated deeply with her style of patient practice. (Sarah has been a massage therapist for 15 years) She has gone on to study further in Five Element Acupuncture./p>

Sarah’s focus has always been to understand the root cause of a patients ailments/conditions. With her massage background and empathetic sensitivity, Sarah can acutely pick up emotional imbalances that are held physically. By using her skills as Acupuncturist, she is able to realign patients back to body/mind health and wellness.

Sarah has also trained in the Five Element Acupuncture theory. In Chinese Medicine, Daoist believes that physical, mental and spiritual health could be achieved when yin and yang and 5 elements are in balance. Five Element theory believes disease can arise when the elements become imbalanced. This can occur due to lifestyle habits such as overwork, poor diet, emotional/physical trauma, over exercising and stress to name but a few.

The Five phases represent the energy of the seasons in nature. They rely on harmonious balance. The treatment focuses on discerning which of the Five elements are most out of balance for the patient. A lengthy consultation is needed to allow for the practitioner to pay close attention to a patients colour of skin, sound of voice, odour and emotional tone. Treatment is simple, and few points used on the body to create effective change, a treatment plan is tailored to each individual patient. Follow up appointments allow the practitioner to track improvements to a patient’s condition/ailment and observe overall improvement to a patient’s body/mind health and wellbeing.


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