Holistic Core Restore Everywoman Classes

This GROUND-BREAKING 6 or 12 Week ‘Everywoman’ programme truly is a gift that EVERY WOMAN should give herself at least once in her lifetime!

Enjoy 6 or 12 weeks of education regarding your Pelvic Floor, Core, Nutrition and women’s fitness/wellness at whatever life phase you’re in. The programme is designed to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body with your Pelvic and Core Health at the centre of our focus.

This class is for you if you:

  • Want to know more about Pelvic Floor, Core and overall health.
  • Have experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing.
  • Want to strengthen your core.
  • Have a small diastasis (tummy separation) that you want to heal.
  • Have lower back pain that is related to a ‘weak core’.
  • Want a better looking tummy.
  • Have seen a clinician about a low level prolapse and have been told to do pelvic floor exercises.