Nutritional Therapist

Alix Woods (Fd SC, Dip ION)

Alix is a Nutritional Therapist (Fd SC, Dip ION), a 2006 Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) graduate.

Alix’s nutrition interest began following a long bout of extreme fatigue. Through research, Alix discovered Patrick Holford’s “Optimum Nutrition Bible”. She regained her energy through dietary changes. Following a move from South Africa to the UK, she studied at ION with the founder Patrick Holford, and later worked with him at Zest4Life.

Over the last 15 years she has worked for many multinational companies including Tyco International, Nutri Advanced and Quest Nutra Pharma in sales, promotion, training and technical support. This has enabled her to become a freelance nutrition practitioner, advisor, educator and health journalist. Her passion is to empower people through nutritional education, enabling clients to be healthier and to live better lives.

Since qualifying from ION, Alix has a growing client base of national and international clients. She works both in clinic and online to provide one to one consultations and workshops to support businesses and schools.

Alix now combines her nutrition expertise to write magazine features, and referenced articles for well-known London PR companies. Her work has appeared in many well-known magazines, newspapers, and health directories. She has promoted popular food and supplement brands, always extolling the benefits of nutrition and fresh food.

Alix applies functional medicine principles to help address the causes rather than the symptoms. Gut health is her primary focus, and this helps her get lasting results. Underneath it all, Alix is a foodie at heart and loves nothing more than preparing a home cooked meal of organic seasonal ingredients to unite family and friends.


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