Scarwork Therapist & Oncology Massage Therapist 

Andrea Lawson

Andrea is both a hands-on therapist and movement teacher, giving you the best of both worlds and offering a whole-body approach to her work.

Andrea has been a movement practitioner for over 10 years. Initially trained as a Pilates teacher, she went on to train in further movement disciplines and along with a fascia focused approach brings this expertise to her movement classes. She is also a Heartmath Practitioner, a Scarwork therapist, trained in Fascial Unwinding and Energy Awareness and is an Oncology Massage Therapist. All of the ‘hands-on’ therapies that she offers work from the idea of helping facilitate the body to heal itself. Despite using a lighter approach, it still works at a deeper level within the body. These treatments work perfectly for those restrictions within the body that movement alone cannot resolve. 

Alan Rastelli


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