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Ingrid Mair

Qualifications: Diploma in Osteopathy; Diploma in Mindfulness

Ingrid is an extremely experienced Osteopath, with over 40 years experience. Ingrid qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1975, and went to work for Dr. Arno Solman, in Munich; an orthopaedic surgeon with a particular interest in complimentary medicine. The clinic offered a wide range of treatments including osteopathy, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, massage, remedial gymnastics, physiotherapy and

Ingrid was brought up in a vegetarian, holistic family by her parents Joan and Alan Stoddard. Alan was a keen campaigner for Osteopathy and vegetarianism world wide. She then joined her father, Dr. Alan Stoddard in his clinic in London, Itchenor and then Oving, near Chichester for 12 years and learned a lot from his expertise.

Ingrid has also studied Buddhism at Samye Ling Tibetan monastery and set up a practice from her home. She is also highly qualified in Cranial Osteopathy and has also completed a Diploma in Mindfulness at Samye Ling, validated by Aberdeen University.

Ingrid’s approach to treatment includes massage, stretching techniques and manipulation with an emphasis on being as gentle as possible. She also uses cranial osteopathic treatment a great deal, as she finds it very useful in many circumstances, particularly with chronic health conditions. She is particularly interested in nutrition, exercise and psychology; as these aspects of a patients life can be influenced by themselves as well as being supported by therapists. Her main aim is to get patients as independent as possible.

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