Gentle Holistic Sleep Coaching — for Children 0-5 years

Libby Bowyer (Lactation Consultant and Certified Holistic Sleep Coach) has developed specialist interest in supporting parents to establish good sleep routines in babies and young children. She has studied with Lyndsey Hookway and is a certified Holistic Sleep Coach (ONC level 5).

Babies and children need good sleep in order to aid growth and brain development. Recent studies have shown that good sleep improves children’s appetites, enhances their intellectual ability and lifts their mood.

Libby’s aim is to promote good sleep practice in babies and the pre-school age group by helping parents to establish good bedtimes routines and to provide advice on how to manage any sleep difficulties that may occur using a holistic, gentle, family centred approach.

Sleep is vital for the health and wellbeing of all the family!

Libby offers a simple one-off Sleep Consultation, or more comprehensive Sleep Packages for both Babies and Children in which she suggests different sleep strategies, based on an initial assessment and provides ongoing support for 4 weeks – 8 weeks depending upon your needs; all helping to promote and instil healthy sleep habits.