Oncology Massage

Being diagnosed with Cancer can be a very challenging and stressful time, with your world thrown into chaos and turned upside down, as well as feeling very unsure of what the future holds at that moment in time. This can be the case, not only for the person being diagnosed but for the family and friends of that person also. 

At a time when you might be dealing with lot of medical procedures and clinical environments, all you might crave is a gentler touch and a more nurturing environment that could give you a sense of just being you again. We can start to lose a sense of connection to ourselves and to others when our health and wellbeing is being challenged and we can also lose focus of or be unsure of how we can help support ourselves through these challenging times. 

Oncology massage can be a great way to help you reconnect to yourself and give you some much needed support and an overall sense of wellbeing both emotionally and physically. It offers a light approach that is non-invasive but at the same time has depth that can aid relaxation, encourage better sleep and help boost the immune system. It can also help to lessen the side effects of the treatment as well as of the disease itself. 

An oncology massage session is tailored exactly to your needs depending on what stage of the journey you are on. 

We start by taking a thorough case history prior to your first massage session and discuss what you hope to get out of the session. The length of the session will be tailored to your needs and during the session, if appropriate, she can give you tips and techniques for you to continue some self-care at home. 

As well as being a beneficial and nurturing session for you, an oncology massage session can also bring great benefit for those that are supporting you, should they need a little support and nurturing too.