Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Kate Hills is our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise practitioner, accredited by the British Lung Founadation, Kate offers classes to improve, and maintain pulmonary fitness and wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Personal Training offers one to one workout sessions with a trainer. Your trainer will assist you in developing a comprehensive exercise program to help you improve your fitness, control breathing, improve lung capacity, reduce anxiety and improve mobility to be self-sufficient and independent. Ideal for post hospitalization patients, following an exacerbation or fall. All clients are monitored with their blood pressure, pulse and Spo2 readings are recorded. All clients receive a personal rehabilitation programme that suit their own needs and abilities.

Pulmonary Maintenance Class is a weekly class for people with respiratory problems. This class is advised following a personal six-week rehabilitation programme to maintain fitness and wellbeing. The class aim is to improve patient’s lung capacity, help control breathlessness and improve mobility.

COVID 19 Recovery Class is a weekly class for patients recovering from the Corona Virus. The purpose of this class is to improve personal fitness levels, strength and mobility. To reduce fatigue, improve any breathlessness and anxiety that might have occurred following the virus.