Scar Therapy

When you cut into a body, or cause trauma or injury to it you compromise the integrity of the body as a whole. The body does a wonderful job of trying to heal itself when we are wounded but sometimes the healing process doesn’t return us to the pre-wounded state as we would hope, and therefore adhesions or restrictions can occur.

Scars can be worked on whether they are relatively new or very old as long as they have healed properly. Working on scar tissue using the techniques developed by Sharon Wheeler offers a chance for the tissue to ‘go back home’. The techniques help the tissue to reintegrate itself back into the structure of the body. It can help reduce internal torsions created by the scar or adhesions, giving the body’s structures the chance to return to where it once was. We help to facilitate this process, it is by gentle encouragement of the tissue, not by forcing it.

Scars can affect us both physically and emotionally, so working on scar tissue can help with emotional connections to the scar as well as physical ones. Trauma and emotion can get stuck in the tissue, so sometimes these emotions can be released when the tissue is encouraged to restore itself. Scarwork can also help a client to become reconnected to that part of the body again. It can help lessen pain, sensitivity, numbness and improve mobility both local to the site and to the body globally.

We can do a lot to help ourselves heal personally and also with the help of others, but until the scarring has been worked on it can be hard to deal with other issues going on within the body.