Experienced, Grounded and Nurturing Space Holder

Emily Stillwater

Drawing on over 25 years of personal practise and study in a variety of healing arts from around the world, Emily Stillwater is an experienced, grounded and nurturing space holder. She holds certifications in yoga, meditation and reiki. Emily completed an intensive meditation and spiritual study with a Buddhist monk for 5 years and has found remembrance of our essential Earth connection through shamanic journeying and circles.  

As you navigate this moment on Earth, there will be times when you may benefit from having someone’s non-judgemental and compassionate presence and support. Energy healing, sometimes referred to as Reiki, can help shift discomfort, pain, trauma, habits & a sense of being stuck in subtle and profound ways. It can shine the light of awareness to bring deeper clarity and confidence to take steps to find your most authentic path and more ease in your life.

Emily’s energy healing sessions are uniquely created based on ancient wisdom traditions, proven tools as well as intuition. Hands on, gentle, healing touch, guided meditation and breathwork may be offered after an initial conversation to find out what you would like support with. Soothing music and essential oils are integrated for your deep relaxation and nervous system re-balance. Energy healing is a beautiful complimentary practise for wherever you are in your life.



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