Highly Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated Osteopath

Kirill Litvinov

From the operating theatre to the Osteopathy clinic, Kirill brings his vast experience as a doctor to The WOW Clinic. With his unique background as a general surgeon from Ukraine and extensive training in Osteopathy, Kirill offers a deeply informed approach to musculoskeletal care. Kirill’s journey in healthcare spans from his Osteopathic graduation in Ukraine in 2017, through years of studying and practicing in the field, to advancing his skills at the James Jelous School of Biodynamic Osteopathy. He applies his holistic approach to Osteopathy and medical knowledge to treat patients of all ages with precision and care. Committed to his professional development, Kirill is currently enhancing his qualifications and will be a fully registered UK Osteopath upon his 2025 graduation from Nescot Osteopathic College. 


Call 01243 372 272 or email info@thewowclinic.com