Therapeutic Play Practitioner

Lisa Bignell

BA (Hons) Psychology 

Certified Therapeutic Play Practitioner, with Distinction

Lisa has over 6 years experience working with children and families, beginning her career mentoring vulnerable college students with anxieties, mental health worries or low self esteem. Lisa’s passion for reducing teenage mental health issues lead to her furthering her education to help primary school aged children, with the focus on prevention. She has worked extensively with children within the school setting, providing play therapy to children with a range of emotional, behavioural or psychological struggles. She is a registered member of Play Therapy UK. 

Through therapeutic play, the child is able to process feelings or experiences which may be too difficult for them to understand or talk about, by using their natural way of communication; play. As the therapeutic relationship increases, the child’s confidence in making choices, talking about feelings, learning more about themselves and ways in which they can self sooth in times of stress, also increases. And by us observing their play, we can learn so much about them.

The sessions will be lead by the child and closely followed and mirrored by Lisa, with a very gentle and empathetic approach. There will be a variety of creative tools available within the therapy room, such as art, sand, clay, puppets and musical instruments. Lisa also reads therapeutic stories to the child and writes her own tailored stories for the child to relate to. Screening questionnaires are used periodically during the child’s process, to determine areas of change, and a report is written on completion of the therapy. 

Lisa keeps her DBS, Professional Liability and Data Protection up to date. She lives in Waterlooville with her two children and two cats. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, writing stories and playing the piano. 

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