Alexander Technique

Jane Baker MSTAT

Qualifications: Member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)

Jane trained as an Alexander Technique (AT) practitioner at the Brighton Alexander Technique college in 2005. She was inspired to train when AT gave her long lasting relief for the chronic neck and shoulder pain that was making work unbearable.

The Alexander Technique is an effective method for changing the habits that contribute to functional problems such as back pain, muscle tension, poor posture and breathing problems. AT is also a useful tool to help minimise the impact of stress and anxiety and from the first session you can begin to apply it to your everyday life, work and leisure activities.

AT is a self help technique that re-educates your body back into good postural habits by optimising the natural balance of the head, neck and back. It increases your body awareness, improves natural movement and makes you more mindful.

Outside the clinic, Jane is a keen swimmer and rambler, and heads to the hills whenever the opportunity arises.

You can find out more from about the Alexander Technique from Jane’s website

Jane Baker

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


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